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Tapesh started working in the field of disposable medical equipment in 1998 and attained his official license to accelerating. By establishing a medical equipment innovation factory, the company is trying to carry out production activities in the field of equipment that has been lacking in hospitals due to sanctions or currency allocation, in order to take a step towards a production leap.


Nitro Innovation Club is the first innovation center in Iran University of Science and Technology and has been set up in an area of 700 square meters with the support of the private sector. Nitro Club has targeted to become the first reference point for business and idea owners at Iran University of Science and Technology and to be the platform for the presence of investors and craftsmen in Iran.


Shiveh was established in 1993 with the impetus of improving the quality of living space by design modification and is engaged in professional activities in the specialized fields of architecture, interior architecture and construction. The main concern of Shiveh is to focus on the identity and semantic aspects of architecture while solving the main topics using design.


Oxygen Company, was established in order to help the growth of electronics industry and improve the balance and development of emerging industries. By using specialized and experienced staff in interaction with other industries, this company has helped to meet the needs of existing industries in the electronics field.


Fantam started its activity in 1396 in the field of designing and manufacturing cardiovascular medical equipment. Its achievements include the design and fabrication of the ACT diagnostic kit and sternal suture. Fentam’s vision is to expand its product portfolio focusing on cardiovascular medicine with the aim of self-sufficiency and pioneering health technologies.


Raybod Company is a subsidiary of Mana Group, which started its activity in 1396 by producing inflator syringes. After obtaining a production license from the General Directorate of Medical Equipment in 1397 and supplying this product to the market, Raybod Company also targeted other Angiography products in order to be able to market related products.


Rayan is a knowledge-based company in the field of design and production of smart home gadgets, which has developed smart home products using elite staff and the most advanced IOT technology.


With the aim of creating a comprehensive network of services and products related to the country’s education community, the company intends to take an effective step in the educational transformation of the country’s schools by identifying and integrating creative and capable teams in the field of science and research and analogous companies.


This company has started working in May 1398 for the purpose of producing disposable medical products as well as cooperation with other knowledge-based manufacturers. Saha is serving production and supply of medical equipment in Iran in the field of trade, production and sales.


Ariran National Project was launched with the aim of improving the country’s employment situation and removing some of the existing obstacles to national production. The main goal of this project is to create a popular and production supporting brand. Ariran is trying to solve some of the problems in production by supporting and introducing high quality Iranian products and brands.


Grotec Startup focuses specifically on the automation of the hydroponic irrigation and feeding process as a neglected loop of the hydroponic cultivation localization cycle.


It is one of the subsidiaries of Tapesh Company and affiliated to Mana Holding. its activity is in the field of designing and manufacturing medical disposable based on knowledge. Its field of activity is manufacturing equipment used in laparoscopy. By now, the Clips League and Endobag in this company is the pre-production stage.

Pishran Teb Hamin Group

Pishran Teb Hamin Company started operating in 1401 with the investment of Tepesh accelerator and focused on the production of disposable products in endoscopy field. In addition to the forceps product, this company also has products such as snare in its research and development portfolio in order to market its products in the shortest possible time.

Teb Fanavar Mandegar Group

Teb Fanavar Mandegar is derived from the experience of producing medical equipment with a capable team that focuses on products with high risk class. The first product of this company is the orthodontic wire, which is derived from Nitinol, and soon it will launch its second product, which is the 0.035 Guidewire.

Fanavaran Pezeshki Raya Salamat group

This company was founded by a group of experts in the industrial and medical field and is in the way of releasing its first product to the market. Also, other angiography filed products are being researched and developed in this company, including angiography diagnostic catheters.

Fanavaran Salamt Baran Group

This company was founded with the investment and support of Tapash Accelerator and focused on manufacturing medical products that are produced by forming tubes. This company was created with the experience of experts of industry and with its commercial and technology transfer expertise, it tries to produce products with a high risk class in the medical industry.

Latest News

Follow the latest news related to Mana here:

Possibility to settle in Nitro Innovation Club

Nitro Club is operating by creating the infrastructure required to establish startups and companies in Iran University of Science and Technology.
Those interested in settling in this club can call 02173227890 or visit

The final stages of setting up a medical equipment innovation factory

The final stages of construction and equipping of the medical equipment innovation factory are underway. This factory has the capacity to setle 10 production companies simultaneously.

Qualification of Shiva Companies project to the final stage of the National Festival of Architects and Employers

The Food Innovation Center project, which took place at the grain company silos, reached the final stage of the National Festival of Architects and Employers.

Grotec startup funding

Grotec startup as one of oxygen subseets, succeeded in attracting fund from Bahman Investment Group.

Obtaining the license of General Department of Medical Equipment by Tom Salamat Technologists Company

Tom Health Technologists Company succeeded in obtaining the license of ACT kit product used in cardiovascular operations from General Department of Medical Equipment of the Ministry of Health.

Geographical distribution of companies

Seven years after start of the activity of the group of knowledge-based companies, 13 of its subsidiary companies are working in Tehran province.

Exhibition of knowledge-based achievements

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Vice President for Science and Technology and the President of the Endowment Organization visited the booth of Tapesh Health Technologists Company in the exhibition of technological achievements.

Inauguration of a medical equipment innovation factory

Tapesh Medical Equipment Innovation Factory was inaugurated with the investment of Roshd Ma’na Development Company and the Endowment and Charity Organization, as well as the support of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund with a base of 1800 meters.

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Tosee Roshd Mana Group was established in 2014 by a team of graduates of Iran University of Science and Technology. Initially, we started with supporting start-up teams, and then continued career by launching accelerators and specialized innovation centers. The company is now creating specialized knowledge-based hubs in the technical and engineering fields by supporting start-up teams in terms of technical advice, financing, marketing, and etc. The main investments of this group are in the fields of medical equipment, IOT and food industry, but further fields are also considered in strategic plan. we hope to play an active role in the development and advancement of knowledge-based companies in the field of technology and engineering.

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